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We are pleased to announce the new domain registration .FIT. The domain name .FIT is the short form of fitness, related to body fitness. A top-level domain dedicated to the fitness community from brands and gym to athletes and trainers. It works just like .com but is simply a more descriptive and dedicated name to feature your relations to fitness.

.FIT domain name announced at the Arnold Sports Festival, the largest and multi-sports festival in the US in which Arnold Schwarzenegger – the international film star and seven-time Mr. Olympia Winner – the former Governor of California, is one of the promoters of this festival has taken several .fit domain name including Arnold.fit and Arnoldsports.fit.

Brent LaLonde, Director of Communications for Arnold Sports Festival, commented: “The Arnold Sports Festival is proud to acquire arnold.fit and arnoldsports.fit and hope to take advantage of these new addresses on the fitness-focused .fit domain in the near future. The fitness community is one of the most dedicated communities in the world and is well deserving of its own domain home on the Web.”

Web names that end in fit allow athletes, brands, gyms and health care industries to skip the word fit in their domain name because it already acts as a descriptor. This results in shorter, more memorable domain names giving you a new authentic platform to target your audience and gain new international clients.

.Fit Format

Min Length: 3
Max Length: 63
Numbers: Allowed (full-numeric)
Hyphen: Allowed (middle only)
IDN: Supported

Fit Facts

Introduced: 2015

Who can register .fit domain name?

Any one can register the .fit domain name.

Grace period for .fit domain name?

.Fit domain name have a 40-day Grace period in which the domain name can renew without incurring any additional fee. After the 40-day grace period, there is a 30 day “Redemption Period” in which you can renew your domain name for an additional cost.

Register your domain now to assure your favorite .fit domain names.

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