.PW Domain Registration

.PW – the new online identity for Professionals & Businesses is the latest addition to our product portfolio. You can now get early access to premium .PW Domain Names, starting tomorrow! We’ve partnered with the Registry to start accepting pre-orders for the upcoming Landrush period. Here are more details:

Pre-orders of .PW Landrush Now Available!

The .PW Landrush period is the perfect opportunity for you to book your domains considerably. With a price tag of just $69.99, you can get access to a pool of short and memorable, premium .PW names before the Registry opens up for General Availability.

The Registry will open for Landrush on the 18th Feb, 2013. However, J. J. Infosys gives you this unique opportunity to pre-orders for premium names starting tomorrow! We recommend that you make the most of this opportunity and book your domains today!


  • The .PW Landrush is not on a first-come, first-served basis. The Registry will collect all the orders and allocate them at the end of Landrush.
  • Domain names with two or more applications will proceed to an auction. The Domain will finally be allocated to the winning bidder of that auction.
  • All Domains applied for during Landrush will be registered for 2 Years


We look forward to interacting with all of you!

Warm Regards,

Team J. J. Infosys



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