We are thrilled to announce that .IN.NET – India’s New Domain Registration Extension Live now.

You can avail of .IN.NET Domain Registration at an incredible price of $9.99!

 .IN.NET General Availability – Live now!

Having received an outstanding response for .IN.NET Domains in the Landrush phase, we are confident that the demand for .IN.NET Domains will only increase from here.

Here are some of the key features of the .IN.NET namespace:

  • Brand new domain space – Unlimited earning potential for You!
  •  Huge pool of available names – Offer your Customers short, generic, crisp names to choose from
  •  Perfect Timing – With the increasing Domain Name consumption in India & depleting name pool in other TLDs, .IN.NET couldn’t have come at a better time for your business
  •  Unrestricted – Registrations open to everyone around the world
  •  No more compromises on your profit margin – Get .IN.NET for just $9.99 in the General Availability phase to price-conscious Indian customers without reducing your profits
  • Decrease lead wastage – Considerably reduce the number of customers lost on your website due to domain non-availability!


Getting Started

Cash .IN.NET Domains are priced at an industry-best price of $9.99. If you have not yet started selling .IN.NET Domains, you can log into your Control Panel and activate the .IN.NET Domains by following the below mentioned path.

Control Panel > Settings > Manage Products & Pricing > Domain Registration > Select the TLDs you want to Sell > .IN.NET Domains > Enable

.IN.NET is your formula for success in the Indian market – affordable, available, open & unrestricted. Should you require any more information about this mail, please feel free to get in touch with us.
We look forward to interacting with all of you!

Warm Regards,

Team J. J. Infosys



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