Domain Theft

What is Domain Name Hijacking ?

Domain hijacking refers to the wrongful taking of control of a domain name from the rightful name holder. The common use of the term encompasses a number of attacks and incidents including

  • Impersonation of a domain name registrant in correspondence with a domain name registrar,
  • Forgery of a registrant’s account information maintained by a registrar,
  • Forgery of a transfer authorization communication from a registrant to a registrar,
  • Impersonation or a fraudulent act that leads to the unauthorized transfer of a domain from a rightful name holder to another party, and
  • Unauthorized DNS configuration changes that disrupt or damage services operated under a domain name, including web site defacement, mail service disruption, pharming and phishing attacks.

Domain hijacking incidents often affect more parties than the rightful name holder. Customers, business partners, consumers of services provided by the name holder, and even parties wholly unrelated to the name holder are often “collateral damage” to hijacking incidents.

Domain hijackers have a number of motives and objectives, primarily malice and monetary gain. Modification of a registrant’s information and unauthorized transfer of a domain registration can cause the registrant to lose its online identity with little recourse, or it may expose the registrant to extortion by name speculators. In several documented cases, domain hijacking caused disruption or malicious use of a registrant’s Internet services. By modifying the registrant’s DNS information following a successful hijacking, hijackers can have material impact on the business and operations of a registrant, including but not limited to denial and theft of electronic mail services, unauthorized disclosure of information through phishing web sites and traffic inspection (eavesdropping), and damage to the registrant’s reputation and brand through web site defacement.


To prevent hijack now domain name registration companies give free options like Privacy Protection, Domain Theft Protection, Domain Locking etc… Changing the domain control panel password regularly is also help to prevent the theft.

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