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.NET @ $6.99 and other Domain Registration Promos

As we step into September, you can continue enjoying the exciting promos on some of our amazing Domain Registration products. There are some exciting new gTLDs too that feature on our Domain Registration promos!


Domain Name
Promo Price
$ 11.99
$ 8.99
$ 11.99
$ 15.99
$ 15.99
$ 4.99
$ 10.99
$ 8.99
$ 9.79
$ 15.99
$ 31.99
$ 15.99
$ 20.99
$ 9.49
$ 3.39
$ 3.49
$ 3.99
$ 4.99
$ 3.49
$ 2.29
$ 11.99
$ 11.99
$ 26.39
$ 22.39
$ 11.99
$ 3.79
$ 3.99
$ 3.99
$ 3.99
$ 3.99
$ 3.99
$ 3.99
$ 3.99
$ 22.39
$ 12.99
$ 19.49
$ 15.99
$ 11.99
$ 11.99
$ 23.39
$ 19.19
$ 2.49
$ 11.99
$ 3.39
$ 11.99
$ 3.89
$ 6.99
$ 4.89
$ 15.49
$ 5.49
$ 11.99
$ 4.29
$ 3.99
$ 5.49
$ 15.99
$ 6.49
$ 11.99
$ 3.99
$ 5.99

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.racing domain name – your need for speed

dot racing domain name

Take a day at the races online by registering your own .RACING domain! This domain is relevant for those who want to be involved in speed and excitement of the racetrack. Want need for speed!

The .racing extension is the official top-level domain name ideal for your name, company, brand, product or app has a connection with it. Read the rest of this entry


The all-new .ONLINE top-level domain is the most highly important domain name, because all the people and all the business are now online.

The recent launch o f new .ONLINE General Top Level Domain Name (gTLDs) has made a huge shift in the domain registration industry. Now business and people will able to use .ONLINE name for their .ONLINE related websites.

We do not go online any more, we live there. We build relationships, look for answers, shopping, studying, doing business and more. .ONLINE is the only domain that synchronizes our virtual and offline world! So why not brand yourself with a short memorable domain name that embodies your love and passion? Read the rest of this entry

rightside domain registration

Rightside Registry is one of the leading Top Level Domain registries. With a portfolio that spans borders and languages, Rightside is revolutionizing the way individuals, businesses, and organizations define and present themselves online. The Rightside Domain Registry portfolio has the following domain TLDs that are,


The Rightside Domain Registry has now announced the following downtime:

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windows web hosting

Maintenance Notice :

Please be advised that the following windows web hosting servers will be undergoing maintenance as per the schedule and reason mentioned below.

Reason :
We need to reboot the servers after applying Windows security patches. Read the rest of this entry

drupal vulnerabilities

There are 4 critical vulnerabilities found in the Drupal content management platform. These vulnerabilities affected on all the Drupal versions prior to 7.38 and 6.36.

1. Impersonation

Affected Module – OpenID Module
Versions – All Drupal 6 and 7
Situation – Critical

A critical vulnerability was found in the OpenID module that allows a malicious user to log in as other users on the site, including administrators, and hijack their accounts. Read the rest of this entry

.IN Domain Registry Unavailability Notice

dot in domain name

The .IN Domain Registry has announced the following downtime.

Maintenance Details:

Date: Saturday, 27 June 2015

Time: 04:30 PM – 08:30 PM (16:30 hrs – 20:30 hrs) GMT/UTC
10:00 PM – 02:00 AM (22:00 hrs – 02:00 hrs) (28 June 2015) IST

Duration: 4 hours

During the above maintenance window, you would not be able to register, renew, transfer or manage .IN domain names.

This outage shall have no impact on the resolution/working of your already registered domain names. However you might face Intermittent Connectivity issues

If you have any queries please feel free to contact us.

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.LOVE Domain Name Is All You Need

Love Domain Name

“The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.”   Helen Keller

Here is the thing about love; Love is hard to put into words. Love brings up emotions that run the gamut from agony to ecstasy, and can inspire us to accomplish some of the craziest and most amazing feats.

.LOVE is a new Top Level Domain Name extension (TLD) that is more than an emotion! Read the rest of this entry

WordPress Vulnerability

WordPress Vulnerability

This is a new, serious wordpress vulnerability, announced recently which has the potential to cause some damage and disruption. Current versions of WordPress are vulnerable to a stored XSS. An unauthenticated attacker can inject JavaScript in WordPress comments. The script is triggered when the comment is viewed.

WordPress Vulnerability Impact:

If triggered by a logged-in administrator, under default settings the attacker can leverage the vulnerability to execute arbitrary code on the server via the plugin and theme editors. Read the rest of this entry

Domain Name .BLACK is the New Black

.BLACK top-level domain name

.BLACK, like the color, is the TLD of elegance, authority and success! It is the hottest new domain name that will always be in style.

When someone says black shoe, black tie or black dress, adjectives like simple and elegant are implied. It is the same for the .BLACK domain name. A website or email address that ends in .BLACK easily identifies premier products and high-level exclusive services, limo.BLACK, diamond.BLACK, tuxedo.BLACK, and drink.BLACK for top shelf spirits are just a few examples of how .BLACK represents, simply, style. Read the rest of this entry

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